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For all your party & event hire services: Celebrations, Parties, Functions, Events and Promotions, Decor and Themes, Sheer Magic does it all. PLUS… We Do Amazing Things With Balloons: Drops, Releases, Arches, Pillars, Murals, Bunches, Numbers and Letters, Creations and Bulk Inflation.

Whatever it is you want, we’ll take as much time as it needs to help you make sure that you get exactly what you want. We have the experience, we have the expertise, we have all the equipment and props.

We at Sheer Magic have been putting Functions and Decor together for a long time now and our experienced Consultants can lead you through the complexity of options and choices to the solution that best suits your mind and your pocket. For ease of mind, for best pricing, and for best results, contact us now!


Sheer Magic has a variety of lighting options to help you with almost any type of party, function, promotion, celebration or event. We have the following: Boogie Lights: These come on a “T” stand that allows you flexibility of direction with...

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Snow Machines for Hire

Snow Machines have come into their own recently with a big demand for Winter Wonderland theme decor parties or functions? And I think it’s something to do with some current adverts that show snow being sprayed all over the place and people making snowmen and throwing...

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Smoke Machine Hire

Hot favourites as Theme Functions and Parties, or for general Celebrations like Birthdays and Anniversaries are the good old Hippie, Disco, and 70′s or 80′s type get together! With the Disco Balls (Mirror Balls) and spots, and Boogie lights,...

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Bubble Machines for Hire

These are little black boxes that any one can pick up in one hand. But plug them in and start that stream of bubbles and watch the kid’s eyes light up as they rush over to wave their hands in front of all those bubbles!! They are suitable for any kid’s party,...

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Brazier Hire

What do you do in case you expect a miserable day when you are having an important party, function, celebration, birthday, anniversary, or get together of any kind and you are worried about the cold? You can get in some Mushroom Heaters which are great BUT if you want...

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Mushroom Heaters for Hire

We need to have on hand all types of things, just in case. For the winter months when it gets cold, or a sudden change in weather on the day of an event. The heaters give off very good heat and the smaller topped ones cover probably something like 4m x 4m. The big...

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Back Stanchions & Chains for Hire

These are great for promotions, events and exhibitions. Normally used with red carpets at the entrance of an event of any kind. Or, used to cordon off areas or ring them around products on show to prevent people from getting too close. They are...

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Red Carpet Hire

Promotions, Weddings, V.I.P. Functions and pretty much any type of celebration or event, Red carpets have proved immensely popular, they are used as entrance features, Fashion Show ramps, to provide artificial flooring outside on grass, for vehicles displays, and as...

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Mirrors for Hire

Pure magic! Usable at almost any function, party, celebration or get together. We have so many different types: 30cm and 50cm round and square mirrors that are used as centrepieces. We’ve also got mirror boxes to be used with a mirrored top or glass top – the glass...

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Jumping Castle Hire

In our range of Jumping Castles we can offer a water slide, a square 3m x 3m castle, a Princess castle, a boxing ring, a square 3.75m x 3.75m castle with a 1m slide and 1m pond and a reinforced 4.5m x 4.5m square castle. Ideal for children's parties and...

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Slush Puppie Machines

The crushed ice drink they produce attracts enthusiastic children and adults alike, and the added factor that the slush mix can be transformed easily into real cocktails like daiquiris and margaritas makes them almost impossible to ignore. And...

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Candyfloss Machine Hire

Those pink, green, white and blue blobs on the horizon? What are they? What is it? Why the crowds? What’s all the excitement about? Well, someone hired a Candy floss machine from Sheer Magic of course. They wanted their very own Flash Mob party...

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Popcorn Machine Hire

If you’ve never done it you don’t know what you are missing out on. There’s the smell; irresistible and unmistakable; the red and white striped machine, the emblazoned “POPCORN” sign and the queues and crowds. How many times have you seen a big...

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Umbrella Hire

Who can stand out in the South African sun all day without getting uncomfortably hot and without getting bad sunburn? Very few of us. So! Why not hire in an umbrella (or a few of them) from Sheer Magic. We have Beach Umbrellas and Caribbean Umbrellas. I’ve...

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Bean Bags, Ottomans, Cushions, Covers and Picnic Blankets

Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor thing, a kid’s thing, an Arabian, hippie, 70′s, Disco, 80′s, rock ’n roll or a V.I.P. theme party, event, celebration, promotion or function. Or, maybe its just a simple get together on the veranda or around the pool, you...

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Glasses and Glassware Hire

In our efforts to provide a one stop shop for all our customers we also stock glasses and glassware to complete your Buffet, Bar and Table Themes and Settings. Included are champagne, red and white wine, whiskey, beer, and martini, hi-ball,...

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Sheer Magic has been doing drapes for probably 15 years now. And we’ve draped Marquees, verandas, homes, halls, corporate offices and created gazebos and stands out of frames and fabric – sometimes with a little help from a few tent pegs. We’ve even swaged spiralled...

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Cutlery hire

We have a comprehensive range of equipment needed for most parties, functions, anniversaries, celebrations, birthdays, fun days, banquets, weddings et al. Less prominent and exciting in this respect are knives and forks, and other cutlery items. But essential they...

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