These are great for promotions, events and exhibitions. Normally used with red carpets at the entrance of an event of any kind. Or, used to cordon off areas or ring them around products on show to prevent people from getting too close. They are wrought iron fabrications painted black and are very neat and attractive. They come in 2 heights – 95cm and 1.05m and we often stagger them to give a different look, i.e. 1 tall one, 1 short one, and so on. The silver chains are perfect for the wrought iron look and are ±1.2m long. Because the chains have to sag between the stanchions, however, the stanchions need to be ± a metre apart so you would need 11 stanchions along the one side of a 10m red carpet, or 22 if you wanted to do both sides. But you don’t have to have stanchions all the way along both sides. You can use just a few for effect instead.