Those pink, green, white and blue blobs on the horizon? What are they? What is it? Why the crowds? What’s all the excitement about? Well, someone hired a Candy floss machine from Sheer Magic of course. They wanted their very own Flash Mob party and we at Sheer magic told them just how to go about it. And here they are – can you smell that candy floss smell – can you taste that candy floss taste – can you escape that candyfloss vibe. Never! We sell and we hire Candy floss machines and offer great upfront advice and help through our well trained and enthusiastic Reps and Consultants. We also offer Operators, Servings (sugar, straws/spoons, colourant), and the options to collect and return yourself or have us deliver and collect for you. We always have great specials with our Fun Food range so why not sign up to our newsletter and qualify for great specials.