COVID-19 as per government legislation and precautions we are taking

From the South African Government – Vol 658 29th April 2020 No 43257

  • Arrange the workplace to ensure that employees are at least one and half metres apart or, if not practicable, place physical barriers between them to prevent the possible transmission of the virus;
  • Ensure that employees that present with the symptoms set out in clause 21 are not permitted to work;
  • Immediately contact the COVID-19 hotline: 0800 02 9999 for instruction and direct the employee to act in accordance with those instructions;
  • Provide cloth masks or require an employee to wear some form of cloth covering over their mouth and nose while at work;
  • Provide each employee with hand sanitizers, soap and clean water to wash their hands and disinfectants to sanitize their workstations;
  • Ensure that each employee while at work washes with soap and sanitizes their hands; and:
  • Ensure that their workstations are disinfected regularly:
  • Take any other measure indicated by a risk assessment.

How We are Keeping Our Staff and Clients Safe

For us to do business again we have to conform to many rules and regulations. See specific instructions for businesses our size below as per the Government Gazette. In this regard and in line with other Government information we have implemented as follows:

Personal Hygiene

  • If you need to wash or sanitise your hands, or sold or hired items, or workplace
  • You will wash using soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds or you will sanitise using an alcohol based sanitizer that has an alcoholic content of 70% or more.
  • Disposal bins, paper towels and sanitisers will be within easy reach
    Disposal bins will have bin-liners and will remain open so that disposed items can be dropped in without any contact with the bin
  • Disposal bins will be sanitised before collection by Pickitup.
  • Anyone/everyone who arrives at Sheer Magic on any day at any time will be given a non-invasive temperature test. and they will be given instructions on how to proceed once inside our premises.
  • No handshakes or other physical contact will be allowed between any of us or between us and any one else.
  • IF there is contact with any person, or after contact with frequently touched surfaces or hire items, everyone will wash or sanitise as detailed above.
  • Everyone will cough into the fold of their elbow, or into a tissue (which will be disposed of in a disposal bin afterwards), and will then wash or sanitise as detailed above. everyone will avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Not withstanding any of the above all of us at Sheer Magic will wash or sanitise as detailed above as often as makes sense.

Personal Protective

  • Everyone must wear masks and gloves.
  • Should anyone want to enter Sheer Magic without the required PPE they will not be allowed access.
  • We will brief everyone on the necessary hygiene practices and proper disposal of PPE in order to avoid cross-contamination from PPE to the user’s hands or clothes.
  • We will monitor and enforce wearing, sanitising and disposal of the appropriate PPE.

Social Distancing Measures

  • Freedom of movement will be controlled.
  • Everyone must practice social distancing of at least 1.5 meters away from any other person in all circumstances.
  • Tea and lunch breaks will be staggered to avoid a gathering of people and all social distancing protocols will apply during these breaks.
  • All business arrangements will be concluded by WhatsApp/phone/SMS/email.
    We have a work from home policy in place.
  • At all times the number of workers will be minimised.
  • Only 3 workers have to travel to and from work and should they be involved, they will be rotated and will also be educated in and have to adhere to all of the rules and regulations included in this Conformity Plan.

Policies and Procedures to be implemented in the event of a COVID-19 outbreak in the Workplace

  • The Staff are already educated in all of the rules and regulations contained herein.
  • In the event that an infection is discovered that/those person(s) will be quarantined and we will contact the Coronavirus Hotline on how to proceed.
  • All business will cease until further notice.