We have a comprehensive range of equipment needed for most parties, functions, anniversaries, celebrations, birthdays, fun days, banquets, weddings et al. Less prominent and exciting in this respect are knives and forks, and other cutlery items. But essential they remain. Our cutlery,  is stainless steel and has a nice design and has some weight to it so if you lean your hand a bit strongly on your knife or fork there is just no way it is going to bend or give way. Scratches are simply a no no and the whole gambit of where and what I buy is designed to ensure that none of my Customers could ever be embarrassed by what they hire from me for their special occasions. And they are reasonably priced. We have, amongst others, dinner knives and forks, side knives, dessert knives and forks and spoons, teaspoons and cake forks. And, if there is something we don’t have off the shelf we are part of a network that enables us to find pretty much anything you might be looking for. Even the finer silver!