We Do Amazing Things With Helium Balloons – Drops, Releases, Arches, Pillars, Murals, Bunches, Numbers and Letters, Creations and Bulk Inflation.

Balloon “arches” includes a host of helium balloon arrangements all of which pull into the shape of an arch because of the floatability of the helium.

The simplest and least expensive is a “string of pearls” which is a series of helium filled balloons tied on to a piece of gut at each end of which a weight is used to prevent the arch from floating away.

So if it’s for a kid’s birthday, wedding, function, event, celebration, promotion or sporting event and you want – single lines, bigger, fatter, tubular or spiral we can do it and will meet many different Budget levels.

A truly amazing invention is the simple balloon!

Balloons for Sale

We sell balloons (party balloons) over the counter. You can buy them flat or inflated. They come in many different colours and you can buy the small 10cm ones, the 30cm ones and the 35cm ones. Also available, but not in as many different colours, are 50cm, 80cm, 1.1m and 1.3m. All of these balloons (except for the 10cm) can be custom printed to reflect your logo, a picture or a message.

The 35cm are also available off the shelf already printed with things like “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, “Get Well Soon”, “It’s a Boy”, “It’s a Girl”, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, “Merry Christmas” and so on. You can buy them filled with air or helium but remember that if you are collecting the bigger balloons you can’t take them filled because they are too big to fit into a vehicle.

Filling with Helium or Air

We can fill your balloons (party balloons) with helium or air either for collection of for delivery to a specific Venue, remember that balloons filled with helium float whilst balloons filled with air fall to the ground unless supported in some way. Air filling is relatively straightforward.

You simply hire an air machine that plugs into a normal wall socket and you can sit and blow up as many balloons as you want for as long as you want and you pay a daily or arranged rate for the hire of the machine. Helium is a bit different as it comes in different size cylinders each of which blow up a certain number of balloons. However, it depends on the size of the balloons, how full you fill them, whether you minimise leakage etc as to how many balloons you can ultimately fill out of each cylinder.

In this respect our trained consultants will give you expert advice on how many cylinders of each type you might need and how much this would cost you. Remember you are only buying the helium. Ownership of the cylinders remains with the Gas Supplier that we buy the helium from. So, as with the air machine, the cylinders must be returned.

Ribbon, Cup ‘n Stix and Display Stands

Once you’ve helium or air filled your balloons you normally need to put some ribbon onto them so that you can hold them more easily. Or with air filled balloons you might want to attach them to balloon cups ’n stix. These you can then put in a display stand of some sort to attract attention to where you are. For a normal fun party or function or celebration you’d probably use helium filled balloons on ribbon either left to float on the ceiling or tied onto small weights that can be placed on tables for centrepieces or on the floor for effect either side of an entrance or stage.

For whatever reason balloon displays either floating freely or on stands are great crowd pullers. People just don’t seem to be able to resist going to find out what is happening when they see balloons on display.

Naturally, Sheer Magic sells balloon ribbon, cups ’n stix and display stands. The poly ribbon that we sell comes in short lengths of +/- 1.5m long by 6mm thick, or in rolls of 100m x 31mm, or in rolls of 500m x 5mm. But you tell us what you are looking for and we’ll try and find a solution for you.