If you’ve never done it you don’t know what you are missing out on. There’s the smell; irresistible and unmistakable; the red and white striped machine, the emblazoned “POPCORN” sign and the queues and crowds. How many times have you seen a big crowd gathered around something – obviously excited and enthusiastic and clamouring for attention? You work your way closer, you glimpse the red and white colour, you catch a whiff of that popcorn smell – and you’re a dead Dodo. And if you haven’t or you aren’t, it’s about time that you were or did!!! Believe me, I’m a popcorn addict! So how can we at Sheer Magic (Pty) Ltd help you experience some of that Magic? Well, we can sell you a machine or you can hire one. Whether you hire or buy you can also get your popcorn seed, oil, popcorn boxes, and shakers with salt, salt and pepper, BBQ, Aromat, cheese and butter spices. You can come and get it all from us and take it away and return it, or we’ll deliver it to your front door. And, if you want to really sit back and relax, have one of our well trained and well dressed operators come around as well and do it all for you. We have 12 machines, endless Operators, enormous quantities of popcorn seed, oil, boxes and shakers, multiple eager and enthusiastic representatives and consultants all dying to help you know more about how to become a popcorn addict.