Stanchions – Chain

If you’re going for a VIP-feel then hiring stanchions is a must-do addition to your event. Our selection of stanchions with chains or red rope will create a comfortable flow in your venue, indicating no-go areas, queues, or invite-only entrances. And they’ll do it all while communicating the character and class of a real red-carpet, VIP event.

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Add that touch of magic and take your event from predictable to irresistible! We have the equipment and accessories you need to complete you theme. Whether it’s theatrical lighting, whimsical bubbles, cover from the sun, or heart-warming fires and heaters, it’s easy to take your function to the next level.

Let us know what piques your interest, or what effect you’d like to create, and we’ll deliver!


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1170mm, 1450mm, 1710mm