The crushed ice drink they produce attracts enthusiastic children and adults alike, and the added factor that the slush mix can be transformed easily into real cocktails like daiquiris and margaritas makes them almost impossible to ignore. And apart from the fact that they make really drinkable slush and cocktails, they are also attractive and add a huge impact to theme parties like Hawaiian, Beach, Tropical, Mexican and more. Less than the price of a slushy at the Movies, each drink gives good value, and the machine with it’s V.I.P. look and colourful contents adds enormously to the overall decor of the evening be it general or themed. The machines have 2 x 10 litre bowls so you have a minimum of 100 instant kids drinks or adult cocktails ready to be poured if you opt for 2 full bowls. And you can top up, so there is no real limit to how many drinks you can organise for one celebration, party, function, event or promotion. Recipes for cocktails are available and our experienced and enthusiastic Consultants will help you find out how many mixes you might need given any number of guests. They are also fully able to discuss pricing options, flavours, when best to setup and breakdown, and generally how best to put the whole thing together. Different volume cups and straws/spoons are available or you can hire in some martini glasses for that extra special occasion. And, if you want to take it really easy, we’ll provide you with a well dressed operator (or operators) to run your Slush Puppy machine for you.