Snow Machines have come into their own recently with a big demand for Winter Wonderland theme decor parties or functions? And I think it’s something to do with some current adverts that show snow being sprayed all over the place and people making snowmen and throwing snowballs. Unfortunately there is no machine that I know of in SA presently that actually makes real snow and in this respect my Snow Machines spray out a white foam that looks like snow. They do build up a bank of white foam that looks like a snowdrift but you can’t make snowballs or snowmen with it, as it is simply light white foam that gradually just disappears.

So their main purpose in fact is to replicate a snowfall. They should be rigged up to spray snow down* onto people as they walk into your party or function.

The machines spray out in the region of 6m with probably a couple of metres spread at the same time. But the effect is amazing and almost instantaneous.

This machine is an absolute essential decor element for a Winter Wonderland theme party, function or celebration.

* Do not spray onto smooth surfaces, as the snow solution is slippery