Who can stand out in the South African sun all day without getting uncomfortably hot and without getting bad sunburn? Very few of us. So! Why not hire in an umbrella (or a few of them) from Sheer Magic. We have Beach Umbrellas and Caribbean Umbrellas. I’ve got different types of beach umbrellas. There are the traditional striped green and white or blue and white ones that you would typically use on the beach and then I have orange, blue and pink “straw” covered umbrellas that are used for Tropical or Hawaiian or Beach Theme parties or functions. Both types come with firm stands to support them.
Caribbean Umbrellas, however, are much larger and are designed specifically to provide as much shade as possible. They stand 2.8m high and they are 3m x 3m across the top and they really are very effective. Their bases are big and heavy so they are extremely stable and secure and outside of using very expensive marquees and gazebos they are by far the best way of keeping your guests out of the sun. They do come in different colours as well but are normally off white, beige, and green.